MACS Pty Ltd
Air Conditioning supply and installation services.
Air Conditioning service and maintenance services

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Client History of MACS  

RPA Hospital redevelopment

Australian Stock Exchange

Hilton Hotel refurbishment

Saigon Tower Vietnam

Sydney University

Citibank Building Pitt and Park street

Defence Maintenance Management

Brookfield Johnson Controls

Department of Defence

Defence Material Organisation

Australian Aerospace

St Edmonds School Wahroonga

St Lucys School Wahroonga

Air Quality Solutions

Air Solutions Australia

Sydney Airport

NSW University



About Us

As a provider of professional services to all areas of  the air conditioning indusrty we take pride in our ability to do the best job we can do every time.

We take pride in our communication and punctuality. We provide value for money solutions to your air conditioning requirements. We take the time to listen to you and understand the problem.

We have successfully worked with home owners, strata managers, property managers, project managers, consulting engineers, architects, property developers and government departments for the last 14 years.

We have the technical skill and ability to solve these problems in a reliable and cost effective manner. We have learnt a lot in our 29 years in the trade. We know that the most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest does not always save money in the long run.

MACS has been involved in a vast range of projects. These include everything from domestic installations to dedicated computer room air conditioning units for banking infrastructure where reliabilty is essential and down time is not acceptable. We have delivered successful temperature control solutions  to all facets of the industry.